Please support our new venture and help us stay drought resilient

Purchase a totally unique photo (A1 poster size) obtainable now only due to the desperation created by drought and you will also be helping us to meet some of the costs of feeding our remaining stock and hopefully assist us in promoting a new way to make an income from our parched land.

This is not just any old drought.

For 2019 we’ve had just 70 points of rain all year. (less than an inch in the old money) 



My husband and our families have been on the land for 8 generations. We are well acquainted with drought, and difficult conditions. Since 2012 we’ve had on average less than 30% of our annual rain fall.

Everything is a bit testing at the moment. Currently we are hand feeding every living thing we own.

We are not asking for a handout. We are just hoping to sell another of our resources (photos produced by our land) and find a way to create an income, so we can keep buying feed for our stock, without going into more debt.

Over the years, in my spare time….while waiting for the school bus, or the mailman, to change over stock horses, walking cattle to yards, during smoko and so on, I’ve taken many photos of our land, its grass, its sunsets, its beauty and its harshness.

Photos for Feed

Now that we can’t produce grass, we thought that maybe we could sell some ”photos” of grass, and some photos of no grass !
A bale of hay costs approx. $220 delivered and 1 tonne cotton seed is $550.
Buy one photo A1 / (poster) size for $220.
One photo = one bale of hay.

The photos will be reproduced poster sized (A1). They are totally unique and special.
Many of the photos depict the same scene several years apart and are of how our land can be and how it is now. Same place but not the same time. All are taken our property in North Western NSW.


Please, buy a photo in our online shop.

Also please remember to support all your Primary Producers if you wish to keep meat, veg, milk, cheese, fruit and bread on the table.

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